Hi, I’m Coach Steph B

I’m a New York City based female running coach providing virtual & in person coaching services to female runners around the world who might be starting their running journey, chasing a PB  or simply wanting to retrieve health and vitality through the benefits of running. 

 My Specialist Combined Training Method involves traditional running techniques, alongside  a fitness modality called BalletBeFit which is a  low impact ballet inspired workout that combines athleticism with grace and poise to develop mobility, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance. Ballet has been proven to help with running control, breathing and posture.

With the female foot in mind, you’ll love and accept yourself through the power of running so you wake up every morning feeling strong, confident and happy, ready to take on whatever challenge gets thrown on your road. .


Mind & Body

I have a 360 approach, focusing on both mind and body. This means that I am looking at your whole person—the physical aspects of you as well as mental state to see how they contribute or affect each other.

Combined Training

Learning new things and trying different approaches through the combination of traditional running and BalletBeFit training, will enable you to stay focused on your goals. Your body needs this variety so it can keep adapting, otherwise we could get stuck in ruts or plateaus which would make the process much more difficult than necessary.


The importance of a well-balanced diet to running success cannot be overstated. Not only will it improve your performance, but also other aspects and parts in life! If you want even more from this endeavor then nutrition is what’s needed for maximum efficiency


Recovery is like a training component that helps us to do different things and keeps our body adapted so we don't get stuck in ruts or plateaus.


  • does running need it? Yes, running is a single side excercise whereby you alternating motion from one leg onto the other, without proper balance and alignment a runner could fall and injure themselves
  • Does running develop it? No, not really, this is why it is important for runners to do balance excercises so that they build stability in motion and develop strong proprioceptors and stabilizing muscles which will prevent a runner from getting injured in case they suddenly lose their balance
  • Does ballet need it? yes
  • Does ballet develop it? yes, absolutely, in fact balance is part of the fundamentals of ballet barre and center exercises, participants learn to shift their bodyweight and center of gravity around so they can move better in space; ballet exercises are excellent for developing strong stabilitsing muscles in the feet and ankles which are locations for some of the most common running injuries
  • does running need it? Yes, you absolutely need mobility to be able to run and in particularly to run fast, the body will not be able to make the best use of it’s potential power if it is no able to move properly through space; if your hips or your ankles are too tight this could lead to some common injuries such as shin splints and other form of stress fractures
  • Does running develop it? No, running does not develop any form of mobility, in fact running actually makes the body stiff which is why a dynamic warm up combining mobility drills are key in preparing the body for the continuous pounding 
  • Does ballet need it? yes, 
  • Does ballet develop it? 100% all the work we do in balletbefit classes promote mobility, in turn this enables to move more freely and feel lighter.
  • does running need it? Yes! 
  • Does running develop it? To a certain extent it does, until it doesn’t; once you start running longer than 45 to 60 minutes the body really starts to dig deep into those glycogen storage and begins to break down muscle tissue as a source of energy, so without the precise fueling during and after the workout it is absolutely mandatory for runners to work on bodyweight strength exercises that will promote further muscular endurance
  • Does ballet need it? Yes think of a ballet as you would a marathon, these dancers need their muscular endurance to make it to the grand finale
  • Does ballet develop it? Yes, balletbefit is based on developing muscular endurance for runners, all the exercises will help develop a strong lean muscle mass that will enable you to run longer and faster.
  • does running need it? Yes, running is a cardio based exercise
  • Does running develop it? Yes yes yes running is a high impact cardiovascular exercise which will enhance your cardiovascular health, in fact you will see many ballet dancers get their running training in as part of their cross training regime
  • Does ballet need it? Yes to a certain degree but you don’t need it as much as a runner does…here’s why (see below)
  • Does ballet develop it? Yes but with a pinch of salt, balletbefit will not get your heart rate as high as what you might get it during a run simply because the style of balletbefit I teach is all based around low impact cardiovascular work, having said that lower blood pressure and a slower resting heart rate are some of the key benefits you might experience, these benefits are key in improving overall heart health in particular for runners. 
  • does running need it? It’s always best if a runner is a little flexible, it prevents soreness and reduces injury risks, plus it enables to stretch a little more deeply
  • Does running develop it? oh no, how often do you meet a runner that tells you they are super flexible? 
  • Does ballet need it? Yes
  • Does ballet develop it? Yes, balletbefit truly promotes flexibility, all the sessions include warm up and cool down stretches which will enable you to develop flexibility (and am not talking about doing the splits here, but rather being able to touch your toes with your hands when you bend forward as this is a sign of healthy spinal flexibility)
  • does running need it? yes, in fact strength comes before speed, so if your goal is to become faster then you will need to first become stronger
  • Does running develop it? No, running utilises muscular strength only to convert it into power, it does not enable you to build muscular strength
  • Does ballet need it? You don’t need to be strong to start balletbefit
  • Does ballet develop it? But Balletbefit will make you stronger, as all our workouts include an element of strength
  • does running need it? yes, if you want to go fast you need to be powerful to charge up those hills or chase down the finish line in the final .2 dash
  • Does running develop it? Yes, to a certain degree you can develop a lot of power by doing intervals and tempo runs which are key running workouts in order to become a faster runner
  • Does ballet need it? Yes, though in balletbefit we don’t do too much jumping as we like to keep it low impact
  • Does ballet develop it? Yes, ballet can develop power but a 8x400m speed running workout combined with a 30’ balletbefit leg series will do the job just nice!

Does running need it? yes

Does running develop it? Yes

Does ballet need it? Yes

Does ballet develop it? yes


So as you can see there are many synergies between running and ballet, and even more so both disciplines are extremely complementary. In addition to all the above Ballet BeFit really helps you get a better posture, after only a few sessions you will feel yourself moving more gracefully in your everyday life, you will feel less stressed both physically and mentally and you will carry through your day a general sense of joy and well being. 

Whether you are looking to improve your running performance, want to prevent injuries so you can continue running with your friends or looking at getting into running to improve your health and fitness Ballet BeFit will compliment nicely your fitness and training regime to give your body the tools it needs to achieve whatever you set yourself out to.

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